The waterfront side of The Sagamore Hotel

NY Lodging Review: The Sagamore

For our 10th Anniversary, my husband deferred to me when planning our weekend trip. Naturally, I picked a location that would afford me the opportunity to hike – but I also kept my husband in mind and made sure it wasn’t any place with any kind of strenuous hiking, and I also made sure to find appropriately fancy accommodations to make the occasion special. Those qualifications led me to find The Sagamore in Bolton Landing, NY, right on Lake George. Lake George is one of my favorite semi-close locations to visit because less than 2 hours away from home and it’s the beginning of the Adirondack Mountains. 

🏔 LOCATION: The Sagamore is located in Bolton Landing, NY which is just north of Lake George Village and on Lake George itself. The Sagamore is actually on an island on Lake George (not by much, you just have to cross a small bridge) but the water is one of the best features of this place. It’s in prime hiking territory with quite a few properties of the Lake George Land Conservancy nearby, or there are one of a million ways that you can find to enjoy the lake. 

🌲 VIBE: The vibe is upscale and modern with big common areas, a grand wooden deck off the front of the building with sweeping views of the lake and mountains beyond, and an expansive campus with a myriad of lodging buildings for every type of lodging you could need. We were located in the main building. We were here in April so there wasn’t a lot going on down by the water – but I could imagine there being a ton of people on the deck, enjoying the sun. This is the kind of place people get married and get all their wedding photos done, but it did also have a bit of a woodsy vibe due to being surrounded by trees and there was even a nature trail along the property with good views of the lake!

👍 CONVENIENCE: As far as the room accommodations, they were your standard hotel room accommodations (although there were fancier suites that you could pay a pretty penny for if you wanted) but there was a bar and a restaurant right on site so if you didn’t feel like going anywhere you were set. However, the town of Bolton Landing was just a very short, maybe 3 minute drive away, where there were a myraid of choices for food and shopping. 

🧼 CLEANLINESS: Very clean, immaculate. Exactly like you’d expect from a more upscale accommodation. 

👍 CUSTOMER SERVICE: I would say that the customer service was pretty standard. We checked in, the check-in clerks were nice, and when we ate dinner at the bar/restaurant, the bartender was very attentive and conversational. Otherwise, you were left to your own privacy which was perfect for me. 

Overall, I would give The Sagamore 4.5 stars (I know this shows 5, I’m not sure how to get a half star!) Since it was off-season, a few things weren’t open or running so that was a little bit disappointing. On the flip side, had we visited during prime season, the price would have been much, much higher, so in both instances, 4.5 stars would be warranted from my point of view. But overall, the accommodations were great, the location was great, and it afforded me the opportunity to hike and explore and I was happy all around! 

Check out my photos from the trip below: 

The waterfront side of The Sagamore Hotel

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