Happy Hiking with Superfeet ADAPT HIKE MAX Insoles

*This post is sponsored by Superfeet

Foot and knee pain are some of the most common issues for hikers when out on the trail. As you can imagine, we hikers are on our feet for hours upon end, often traversing across rough terrain and our bodies, namely, our legs and feet, tend to take a beating. I know you’ve been there – especially toward the end of a longer hike, every footfall feels like agony, reverberating up your leg. 

I’ve struggled immensely with foot and knee pain in the past, and I always thought it came with the territory of hiking. I looked into some different options to fix the problem and when I learned that insoles could help, I tried a few different brands before I found Superfeet! 

I’ve been wearing Superfeet’s ADAPT HIKE MAX Insoles for the last two months on all my hikes and I have seen a definite improvement. Superfeet insoles work by helping to distribute pressure by adapting the flat surface inside your boot to match the contours of your foot. They’ve been proven to reduce strain on the plantar fascia by stabilizing the bone structure of the foot, slowing pronation and over-stretching of the plantar fascia ligament. Essentially, these cushioned insoles help ease back, knee, hip, AND foot pain to help you stay comfortable even on your longest hikes! 

I’ve noticed that not only do my feet feel more comfortable, but I also have more spring in my step! This is due to the responsive forefoot zone that blends cushioning and rebound to maximize energy transfer. The cushioning in the heel helps to disperse impact and reduce vibration – all of which combines to minimize fatigue and make sure you get the most of out every step!

I love that wearing the ADAPT insoles helps my feet feel their best on hikes. They feel like they are part of my hiking boots, with soft, flexible support that keep me moving comfortably throughout the day – my new hiking must-have!

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