Amazing & Easy Waterfall Hike To Do in Any Season: Ithaca Falls

If you’re looking for an incredibly easy, incredibly accessible, and incredibly amazing waterfall hike to do then you’ve got to check out Ithaca Falls, in Ithaca, NY. Located in the Finger Lakes Region amongst a plethora of beautiful gorges and waterfalls sits one particularly amazing, powerful waterfall that I just can’t get enough of. Ithaca Falls was one of my absolute favorite itinerary stops during my trip to Ithaca, NY. I felt completely awestruck by this waterfall – I’m not sure if it was from the vibes of the pouring rain when we visited, or the sheer power and size of it, but I could honestly have stayed there and stared at its magnificence for hours. 

Some things that I loved about Ithaca Falls:

  • It is located right near downtown Ithaca, so the access to get there is super easy and quick, with a decent sized free parking lot right on the premises. 
  • Super easy .2 mile out and back trail that can be used by the whole family and people of all abilities. The trail is flat, though keep in mind that it is not a paved trail.
  • Dogs are also allowed, as long as they are on-leash
  • It is open year round, so you can even go in the winter when other waterfall trails are closed
  • It is in a historic location – the area around Ithaca Falls used to be home to a half dozen mills and you can still see their ruins
  • A great place for fishing for lake-run trout and salmon
  • The waterfall itself has a vertical drop of 150 feet!
  • Perfect for having a picnic, relaxing with a book, or just to view
  • It is part of the Visit Ithaca Waterfalls Challenge so make sure to add it to your list in order to earn some cool prizes!

Some things to keep in mind: 

  • NO SWIMMING ALLOWED! Swimming is dangerous here due to the fast currents and the large cavernous area under the water directly below the falls
  • Remember to always leave no trace, pack out what you pack in, and recreate responsibly!

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