The Better Outside Project

I do a lot of hiking and use a lot of trails and outdoors spaces so recently I got to thinking and decided to look for ways to give back. I want to give back to the lands, to the organizations that make outdoor recreation possible, and to the hiking community that makes this all so great.  

I decided to start an initiative called the “Better Outside Project”. I believe that we are better outside, and that it is our collective responsibility to make the outside better. The goal of this initiative is to introduce you to some of the organizations that are dedicated to conservation of our wildlife and natural spaces, and to show you some of the places they have preserved that were built for public access.

The organization I chose to feature was the Lake George Land Conservancy, based in Bolton Landing, NY, due to their diligent work protecting the lands and waters in the Lake George area of New York State. I developed a connection with the Lake George Land Conservancy last year when I participated in their annual Hike-a-Thon event, and have hiked their trails countless times since then. I’ve always appreciated their efforts not only to protect the land, but to build beautiful trails and accessible outdoor spaces for people and their families to enjoy. 

For the month of June, I will be sharing 5 different hiking trails owned by the Lake George Land Conservancy to introduce you to some of what they have to offer. Some of the trails are well known, and others are not as well traversed. Some of the trails are quite developed, and some are still being worked on, highlighting the importance of their work and need for help in building these outdoor spaces. Along with highlighting these trails, I will be running a fundraiser to benefit the Lake George Land Conservancy. All money raised will go towards the general stewardship fundraiser. The month-long feature will end on July 5th at the Lake George Land Conservancy Annual Hike-a-Thon! 

To donate to the LGLC, head over to my Instagram page for details on the fundraiser, and stay tuned all month for new hikes to enjoy! You can also learn more about the Lake George Land Conservancy by visiting their website.

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