NY Lodging Review: Old Forge Camping Resort

The trip to Old Forge was a way to get my family together since we hadn’t seen each other in a very long time due to COVID restrictions. We chose Old Forge because it was kind-of in the middle for everyone and I wanted to bring my family on some of my favorite hikes in the area. We decided on Old Forge Camping Resort as our place to stay because we all were planning to stay in tents. 

🏔 LOCATION: Old Forge Camping Resort is located in the town of Old Forge, NY. The camping resort is very ideally located directly next to Enchanted Forest Water Safari, which is a popular waterpark in the area, making Old Forge a heavy tourist destination. 

🌲VIBE: This was a BUSY campground. There were hundreds of sites and we were a little bit late registering for a site so we didn’t really get a great one. The amount of people there made it so that it was never very private and it was never very quiet, which was a little bit frustrating at times. There were so many campfires going that the whole place felt smoked out. However, there was plenty to love about the campground as well. The campground had its own hiking trails which were fun to explore. The trails went around a lake that was in the middle of the campground and offered a beach for swimming, canoes and paddleboats that you could rent. We ended up renting a paddleboat for an afternoon which was fun. 

👍CONVENIENCE: The check-in process was super easy, the camp store was very large and had a lot of the necessities. There were a couple of local restaurants that literally did delivery directly to your campsite, all you had to do was call and give your site number. It felt a little funny, all that modern convenience while sleeping in a tent on the hard ground. 

🧼 CLEANLINESS: The campsite was your run of the mill campsite, no litter left around at all. 

👍 CUSTOMER SERVICE: The campground staff were nice at check-in, and when we rented the paddleboats but otherwise we didn’t really talk to any staff. 

Although there was plenty to love about the campground and the convenience factor was high, I’m going to have to go with 3 stars for this experience due to the vibe. The amount of people and the lack of privacy really made me feel uncomfortable – if we choose to stay here again we will be sure to register for a site well ahead of time and will pick a more private location or will splurge and go with one of the small cabins!

Check out my photos from the experience here: 

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