NY Lodging Review: Huttopia Adirondacks

Glamping is what you do when you want the outdoorsy feel of camping, but want the convenience and luxury of a hotel/AirBNB. I’m going to go ahead and admit that I much prefer staying in an actual bed instead of sleeping on the ground, as much as I’d like to think I’m pretty rugged. When it comes to my sleep? I’d rather be treated like a queen. So, Huttopia Adirondacks was a great tradeoff for me! 

🏔 LOCATION: Huttopia Adirondacks is located on Route 9N, about 6 miles outside of Lake George Village. A little off the beaten path, it does take a little bit of a drive on a windy, wooded, country road to get to anything resembling civilization. However, for those of us that prefer to be secluded and away from people, this place was great and brought me close enough to the hiking and things I wanted to do that I didn’t mind driving a few miles to get there. 

🌲VIBE: I loved the rustic vibe that this accommodation had to offer. Made up of a bunch of new “glamping” sites, each glamping tent had a wooden enclosed deck around the front and everything was deep in a forest and up a hill. There was a rustic feel to the place but with modern conveniences. Each site also had a fire pit where you could have a campfire. I also enjoyed the community area where there was a restaurant, a huge deck on a hill overlooking the forest where you could sit, relax, watch the view, play some games etc, and in the camp store there were a ton of local products stocked on the shelf. Another plus – the place was very dog friendly, including allowing dogs in the community area!

👍CONVENIENCE: When we went here, it was brand new and had just opened a few weeks prior, so when we arrived there were limited signs explaining where to go. The site was built on an old campground and everything was updated, but you had to go back up a hill pretty far on a dirt road so at first I thought we were lost. Another thing that was slightly frustrating was that there was one big parking area near the community center, and then there were wagons that you’d use to drag all your stuff up the hill to your site. While it kept the sites themselves more woodsy, it was pretty difficult to drag everything up to the site, especially with a kid and a dog in tow. However, once there and set up, the glamping hut had everything we needed including electricity, flushing toilet, hot running water, kitchen amenities, and a comfortable bed! There was a woodstove in case it got chilly, and a fan for hotter days, and a grill outside to cook on. For anyone who doesn’t want to cook, there is a restaurant in the community center with a limited but delicious menu. 

🧼 CLEANLINESS: Since it was brand new, everything was spitting clean!

👍 CUSTOMER SERVICE: The booking process was your standard run-of-the-mill booking on a website. The hosts at the check-in desk were extremely friendly and conversational, and were able to answer all my questions. The restaurant area was a little frustrating because everything seemed to take a very long time to be ready – but again, this place was brand new at the time and I know it takes time to get in the right groove. 

I’ll give 4 stars to this experience. It was a great experience overall, with just a few minor mishaps with finding the location, slow restaurant service, and dragging all my stuff up the hill. Granted, they did give prior notice that this would be the case, but I hadn’t been prepared for just HOW hard it would be to do so. But, I would still love to come back here and check it out again when it is in full swing! 

Check out my photos below: 

A quick view of the inside of the glamping tent
Dog friendly sites!
Our dinner that we were able to prepare on the grill, using the kitchen amenities
The fire pit at our site, other glamp sites in the background
The woodchip path you walk on between sites
The community building with a restaurant, games, and the check-in area
The activities board
A beautiful wrap around deck with views of the forest and mountains beyond.
Lots of games available!

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