My Skiing Adventures #9

This weekend was an absolutely gorgeous weekend to have a skiing adventure. Saturday was sunny and the temperatures reached 40 degrees! The warm temperatures meant that we didn’t have to wear bulky layers so it was easier to move around. This weekend was my 9th time going skiing. I’ve been numbering them in my head …

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NY Lodging Review: The Loft Keene

I recently discovered a really cute rustic AirBNB cabin in Keene, NY so over Thanksgiving weekend my daughter and I decided to have a girls weekend in order to get some hikes done and check out the place. The place is called The Loft Keene and just like the name says, itโ€™s right in the …

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My Father, The Original Adventurer

My love for hiking may have only manifested as an obsession over the last couple of years, but the origins of this obsession were seeded many years ago when I was a child. My father always dreamed of being a professional outdoorsman or a mountain man living off the land and instilled an appreciation for …

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